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'''[[A]] [[B]] [[C]] [[D]] [[E]] [[F]] [[G]] [[H]] [[I]] [[J]] [[K]] [[L]] [[M]] [[N]] [[O]] [[P]] [[Q]] [[R]] [[S]] [[T]] [[U]] [[V]] [[W]] [[X]] [[Y]] [[Z]] [[Anabaptist Dictionary of the Bible|Home]]'''
'''[[Anabaptist Dictionary of the Bible|Home]] [[A]] [[B]] [[C]] [[D]] [[E]] [[F]] [[G]] [[H]] [[I]] [[J]] [[K]] [[L]] [[M]] [[N]] [[O]] [[P]] [[Q]] [[R]] [[S]] [[T]] [[U]] [[V]] [[W]] [[X]] [[Y]] [[Z]] [[Abbreviations]]'''

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ANET Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. Edited by James B. Pritchard. 3rd ed. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1969.

art. article

AT author’s translation

b. born

BCE before the Common Era (= before Christ)

ca. circa, approximately

CE Common Era (= AD)

CEB Common English Bible, 2011

cf. confer, compare

ch./chs. chapter/chapters

d. died

DtrH Deuteronomistic History: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings

ed. edition/editor

e.g. exempli gratia, for example

emph. emphasis

Eng. versification in most English translations

esp. especially

et al. et alia, and others

etc. et cetera, and the rest

HALOT Koehler, L., W. Baumgartner, and J. J. Stamm. The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament. Translated and edited under the supervision of M. E. J. Richardson. 5 vols. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1994-2000.

Heb. Hebrew

i.e. id est, that is

KJV King James Version of the Bible

lit. literally

LXX Septuagint, ancient Greek translation of the OT

ME The Mennonite Encyclopedia. Vol. 5. Edited by Cornelius J. Dyck and Dennis D. Martin. Scottdale, PA; Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 1990.

m. masculine

MBCF 1999 Confession of Faith: Commentary and Pastoral Application. Winnipeg, MB: (Mennonite Brethren) Board of Faith and Life, and Kindred Productions, 2000. http://www.mbconf.ca/home/products_and_services/resources/theology/confession_of_faith/detailed_version/.

MCF 1995 Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1995, http://www.mcusa-archives.org/library/resolutions/1995/index.html.

MT versification/readings in the Masoretic Text, the standard Hebrew version of the OT, preserved by Masoretes, a group of early medieval Jewish scribes

n note, as in 168n13 (page 168, note 13)

NASB New American Standard Bible, 1995

NIV New International Version of the Bible, 2011

NIV 1984 New International Version of the Bible, 1984

NJPS New Jewish Publication Society version of the Bible, 1999

NLT New Living Translation of the Bible

NRSV New Revised Standard Version of the Bible

NT New Testament

OT Old Testament

pl. plural

1QM Milḥamah, or War Scroll

1QSa Rule of the Congregation (1QS, Appendix a)

rev. revised

RSV Revised Standard Version of the Bible

sg. singular

TBC Text in Biblical Context, in the commentary

TLC Text in the Life of the Church, in the commentary

TNIV Today’s New International Version of the Bible

v./vv. verse/verses

WT Worship Together [hymnal]. Edited by Clarence Hiebert, et al. Fresno, CA: Board of Faith and Life of the Mennonite Brethren Churches, 1995.

Books of the Christian Canons

Old Testament

Gen esis

Exod us

Lev iticus

Num bers

Deut eronomy

Josh ua

Judg es


1 Sam uel

2 Sam uel

1 Kings

2 Kings

1 Chron icles

2 Chron icles


Neh emiah



Ps alms

Prov erbs

Eccles iastes

Song of Sol omon

Isa iah

Jer emiah

Lam entations

Ezek iel

Hos ea



Obad iah

Mic ah

Nah um

Hab akkuk

Zeph aniah

Hag gai

Zech ariah

Mal achi

New Testament

Matt hew





Rom ans

1 Cor inthians

2 Cor inthians

Gal atians

Eph esians

Phil ippians

Col ossians

1 Thess alonians

2 Thess alonians

1 Tim othy

2 Tim othy


Philem on

Heb rews


1 Pet er

2 Pet er

1 John

2 John

3 John


Re elation


Tob it

Jth Judith

Rest of Esther

Wisd(om) of Sol omon

Ecclus Ecclesiasticus (Sirach, Ben Sira)

Bar uch

Letter of Jer emiah

Song of Thr ee Jews

Sus anna

Bel (and the Dragon)

1 Macc abees

2 Macc abees

3 Macc abees

4 Macc abees

1 Esd ras

2 Esd ras

Pr(ayer) of Man asseh

Ps(alm) 151

Pronunciation Guide for Certain Transliterated Hebrew Consonants

’ (not pronounced)

‘ (not pronounced)

ḥ ch (Scottish loch)

ṣ ts

ś s

š sh

ṭ t