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This is a template for articles about specific Anabaptist related groups around the world.

Group's Name
'Image Caption'


Group's Location(City, State, Country if an individual congregation/Country if a conference)

Contact Information

Group's Contact Information

Years in Existence

Number of years group has been in existence

Presiding Officer

Group's presiding officer

Other Important Individuals

Other important individuals in the group

Number of Congregations

Number of Congregations


Group's membership

Group's name followed by brief informative blurb



Describe how a religious group began its life in a specific location


Describe how the group has grown and changed over time

Contemporary Trends

Outline some contemporary trends within the conference or congregation

Important Individuals

Describe some important individuals within the church

Electronic Resources

Create links to files you have uploaded to the site using this format File:Filename

Annotated Bibliography

List important resources for further research along with a brief description of each source

External Links

Create external links to related websites using the following format [URL Display text]


The preceding code will collect citations under this section heading


Acknowledge any individuals who were particularly helpful for contributing information