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We envision the Global Anabaptist Wiki to become a major site for primary sources related to the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition: from the 16th century to the present and in a wide variety of languages. Please post any public domain sources you think might be of interest to other users of AnabaptistWiki. Our staff will help to sort and organize source material into appropriate categories as it is added. Click here to view sources.

Adding sources

There are two ways you add sources, either directly as an article or as an uploaded file with a brief annotation. Inserting source text directly as an article is more accessible to individuals with slow internet connections and avoids confusion over file format, while uploading a file is less labor intensive.

To add a source, either as text or as an uploaded file you must first create a page for your source. Go to the Sources page and click the "edit" tab. Insert a link to your source under the section for your region and country using the following code: [[Your Source Title]]. This will create a red link (meaning the article does not exist yet). Follow this link to create a new page for your source.

If you are directly adding your source as text on the Anabaptist wiki, simply copy or type your source text on the page you have created.

If you are uploading a file, write a brief annotation on the new page you have created describing the source to future readers. Next, you can upload your source. To start, click on the "Upload file" link on the left hand side of the Anabaptist Wiki under the heading "toolbox." On this page choose the file you wish to contribute and upload it to the Anabaptist Wiki. Before you finish, be sure to copy the text beside the "Destination filename" heading. After uploading your file, return to the source page you have created to insert a link to the file you have uploaded. To create a link use the following code [[Media:The Text from the "Destination filename" heading|The text you wish to appear for those reading the page]].

After inserting your source material, be sure to insert the following code at the bottom of the page [[Category:Sources]]. This will create a link to your source material on the sources category page.

If you are adding source material in a language other than English (To learn about creating pages in languages other than English read about our language policy), add a language code to the end of the category code to create a link to the source in the appropriate sources category language page. For example, if you write a story in Spanish, you should insert the following code at the bottom of the page [[Category:Sources/es]]. This will create a link to your story on the category page for all stories written in Spanish.

If you have further questions and are still unsure how to contribute sources to the Anabaptist Wiki, contact John D. Roth at, and one of our staff will help you add your source.