Artwel Mabhena

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Artwel Mabhena, whose age I have not been able to verify, was a Brethren in Christ Church employee in what is known as the Gwayi District (conference), in Zimbabwe. He was a maintenance worker at the church's mission hospital, Pumula, during the time of the genocide era in Zimbabwe, which started at the beginning of 1983. His congregation was Phelandaba Brethren in Christ Church. The North Korean-trained militia picked him up from the hospital on the basis that the church was not functioning as a church but as a base for the opposition party which was supposedly supporting dissidents. They asked him to denounce the church, if he wanted to live but he did not and they killed him. They asked his colleagues to beat him up and they ended up driving up a knife through him and he died. The staff was ordered to bury him in a shallow grave near the mission there. When his wife heard that her husband had been killed, she went into comma for several months. When she recovered from the coma, she became mentally ill and remains so to this day.

Submitted by Ronald L. Moyo