Assemblée de la Grâce, Haiti

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Assemblée de la Grâce, Haiti
Tanzania: World Factbook, 2009[1]


Contact information

Date established


Presiding officer

Lesly Bertrand, Bishop

MWC Affiliated?


Number of Congregations

27 (2006)


2427 (2006)

Assemblée de la Grâce is a Mennonite conference in Haiti. Assemblée de la Grâce is officially associated with Mennonite World Conference. In 2006 KMT had 2427 members in 27 congregations.[2].

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Assemblée de la Grâce, the mother church of Grace Assembly Network (GAN), was founded by Pastor Lesly Bertrand in 1979. He first met Mennonites through Son Light Mission, and received biblical education through their extension program. He then began planting churches for Haitian peoples in Miami, Florida, before being called to return to his home country and plant Assemblée de la Grâce.[3]


In 1990 he began reaching out to places in Haiti where the people had no access to churches, and formed Grace Assembly Network (GAN) located in Croix des Bouquets near Port-au-Prince. GAN partnered with Franconia Mennonite Conference in 2005. The purpose of the partnership is to be mutually supportive of each other and to enhance to spiritual life of each other. Through years of work aiming at growth and leadership training, in 2008 GAN consisted of twenty-four congregations, one orphanage, and seven schools.[4]

Key individuals in church life

Pastor Lesly Bertrand, founder and current bishop of Assemblée de la Grâce.

Electronic Resources

Annotated Bibliography

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Alison Brookins compiled much of the information presented here in a student research paper for a spring 2009 Anabaptist History Class at Goshen College.