Bondeko Mennonite Church, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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Church Name: Bondeko Mennonite Church
Church Location (city, state, country, etc.): Municipality of Masina, City of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Contact Name: Pastor François Tshidimu Mukendi


Some remarks:
  1. Our Church has an attendance of 50 to 70 per Sunday but today the audience was small.
  2. Our temple has been under construction since 2007 and work continues.
  3. During worship, apart from preaching we had very good times:
    • I had communication with the members to tell them briefly about: who are the Anabaptists? And why this fraternity Sunday? (my communication was in local language)
    • Another moment was due to intercessory prayer. We held a piece of cloth on which are placed the signatures of several members of the Kern Road Mennonite Church of South Bend IN, a partner church with my Bondeko church. In this context, the fabric represented a symbol of the North American Mennonite fraternity with our African church. We prayed and interceded for all Mennonite brothers and sisters in the world.
    • We shared a small fraternal meal after worship.
    • An interview took place after the meal. Please note that this interview was done in local languages. Two young people spoke in French. In summary, all had almost the same message: WE LOVE TO BE ANABAPTISTS MENNONITE BECAUSE THE TEACHINGS OF MENNONITES REST IN THE BIBLE AND THE MENNONITES ACCEPT PEACE AND NON VIOLENCE.

See photos in detail here:

Bondeko Mennonite.png

See videos in detail here:

Bondeko Mennonite YT.png