Chiesa Evangelica Mennonita Italiana

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Phnom Penh Mennonite Church
Map of phenom penh.gif
Phnom Penh: Lonely Planet, 2009[1]


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Contact Information

Date Established


Presiding Officer

Mao Dady Ezra (2003- )

MWC Affiliated?

No (2008)

Number of Congregations

1 (2008)


Chiesa Evangelica Mennonita Italiana (The Italian Mennonite Church) was established as an official member of Mennonite World Conference in 1981. However, the Mennonite presence in Italy reaches back to the post-World War II era. The Italian Mennonite Church began primarily through Virginia Mennonite Conference missions and outreach.

  1. "Map of Phnom Penh," Lonely Planet. (accessed 15 June 2009).