Convención Evangélica Menonita Paraguaya

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Convención Evangélica Menonita Paraguaya (CONEMPAR)



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Alfred Klassen


c.c. 2475 Av. Venezuela 1464 Asunción, PARAGUAY



Convención Evangélica Menonita Paraguaya (CONEMPAR) ) is a conference of Mennonite Churches located in Paraguay, and has been an independent conference since 1990.[1] It is a part of the Mennonite World Conference, and member churches are Spanish-speaking.[2] CONEMPAR has roots in both the German Mennonite Churches in Paraguay and the Mennonite Mission Network.[3] In 2012, the conference included 47 congregations and 2182 members.[4]


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1,700 conservative Mennonites from Canada immigrated to Paraguay on the basis of promises guaranteeing religious freedom, freedom to run German-speaking schools and no requirements to take oaths. Under Law 514, the new immigrants were afforded exemption from military service and certain taxes. They settled in the Chaco (link) region of Paraguay.[5]


1,500 Mennonites from the Ukraine arrived in Paraguay seeking new opportunities after the combined effects of World War I, the Communist Revolution in Russia, and a drought in the Ukraine.[6]


A group of 748 Mennonites left the colonies in the Chaco and created a settlement in East Paraguay.[7]


2,400 Mennonites emigrated from the Soviet Union and created another colony in the Chaco and another colony near the 1947 settlement in East Paraguay.[8]


The Mediation Committee, or Vermittlungskomitee, was formed by the Mennonite Churches in the Chaco and the colonies in East Paraguay as a way to facilitate communication and consensus between churches. In addition, the Committee handled the distribution of money (predominantly from churches in the United States and Canada) for orphans, widows, and the sick or injured among the community. This Committee was the precursor to modern Mennonite conferences in Paraguay. Later, it was responsible for mission work to indigenous peoples, Paraguayans of Hispanic descent, and poor Germans in Paraguay. [9]

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