Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
Costa Rica: World Factbook, 2009[1]


51,100 sq km


4,253,877 (July 2009)


Spanish (official), English


Roman Catholic 76.3%, Evangelical 13.7%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.3%, other Protestant 0.7%, other 4.8%, none 3.2%


white (including mestizo) 94%, black 3%, Amerindian 1%, Chinese 1%, other 1%[2]

Groups Associated with MWC

2 (2006)

Membership in MWC Affiliated Churches

2,831 (2006)

Costa Rica is a country in Central America with a population of 4,253,877 (July 2009 estimate).[3] In 2006 there were two organized Anabaptist-related groups officially associated with Mennonite World Conference (MWC) with a total membership of 9,856.[4]

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Anabaptist-Related Groups

In 2006 there were two Anabaptist-related groups officially associated with MWC in Costa Rica:

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