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Countries with Anabaptist-Related Groups Formally Associated with MWC


Countries with Anabaptist-Related Groups

In 2006 there were 15 countries in Europe with Anabaptist-related groups officially associated with Mennonite World Conference.

Other Regions

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Annotated Bibliography

  • Lapp, John A. and Snyder, C. Arnold. Testing Faith and Tradition. Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 2006.
Testing Faith and Tradition, edited by John A. Lapp and C. Arnold Snyder, is part of Mennonite World Conference's Global Mennonite History Project. The book is a compilation of essays that discuss the history of several Anabaptist-related groups in Europe from 1850 to the present. The book contains articles on Mennonites in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Russia, as well as chapters on Anabaptist-Mennonite history in Europe from 1525-1800 and mission efforts in Europe.

Archives and Libraries

The MHL is a research level library located on Goshen College's campus in Goshen, Indiana that collects bibliographies, texts and images on topics related to the Radical Reformation, the Anabaptists, Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish and various related groups. The MHL has many resources on Mennonite groups in the Caribbean, Central and South America. To contact the MHL email or call (574) 535-7418.
  • There are many archives and libraries throughout South America relating to specific countries or Anabaptist related groups. To learn more about these archives and libraries click on the country links above.

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