Hochma, Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Church Name: Hochma (a congregation of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada)
Church Location (city, state, country, etc.): Montréal, Québec, Canada
Contact Name: Anicka Fast


All photos and videos taken by Elohise Marineau except “CARE_Montreal_2020.jpg”

Our congregation of just over two dozen members (and about a dozen more very regular attenders) operates a shelter (“CARE”) in our church building every night during the cold winter months. Between 60 and 70 people find food and shelter in our building each night. A number of these people also attend our Sunday morning service and some have become regular attenders or members.

A typical Sunday morning service begins with a welcome and a song. Then breakfast is served to all. Those who can are invited to pay $1 as a small contribution toward the cost of the breakfast. After breakfast, there are announcements, about 20 minutes of singing, and a sermon, usually about 45 minutes. This is followed by 30 minutes of discussion in groups around the tables. The service ends with clean-up in which all are invited to participate. Sunday school for the children happens downstairs during the sermon + discussion time.

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