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China/Hong Kong
Hong Kong: World Factbook, 2009[1]

Area (Hong Kong)

1,104 sq km[1]

Population (Hong Kong)

7,055,071 (July 2009 est.)[1]

Languages (Hong Kong)

Chinese (Cantonese) 89.2% (official), other Chinese dialects 6.4%, English 3.2% (official), other 1.2% (2001 census)[1]

Religions (Hong Kong)

eclectic mixture of local religions 90%, Christian 10%[1]

Ethnicity (Hong Kong)

Chinese 95%, Filipino 1.6%, Indonesian 1.3%, other 2.1% (2006 census)[1]

Groups Associated with MWC

1 (2009)[2]

Membership in MWC Affiliated Churches

193 (2009)[2]

Hong Kong is an administrative region of China with a population of 16,601,707 (July 2009 est.)[1], bordering the South China Sea. In 2009 there was one organized Anabaptist-related group officially associated with Mennonite World Conference (MWC) with 193 total members.[2] Hong Kong is the only place in China with an official Anabaptist-Mennonite group.

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Anabaptist-Related Groups

In 2009 there was one Anabaptist-related group associated with MWC in Hong Kong with 193 members in 4 congregations:[2]

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