Iglesia Menonita de Riobamba

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Iglesia Menonita de Riobamba


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La Iglesia Menonita de Riobamba, the Riobamba Mennonite Church, is a new congregation that began to gather in March of 2009. Located in the city of Riobamba, four hours to the southwest of Quito, the congregation is formed by approximately 30 middle class Ecuadorians, and is being pastured by Don and Jan Rheinheimer. This is the second church established under the support of the Ecuador Partnership- conformed by the Colombian Mennonite Church, Central Plains Mennonite Conference in the United States, and Mennonite Mission Network.


"Faith once separated, now joins pastoral couple"

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Don and Jan Rheinheimer. picture from Mennonite Mission Network

César Moya and Patricia Urueña, settled in the city of Quito, traveled twice a month to lead a bible and Anabaptist theology study group, mostly from Catholic background, in the city of Riobamba, major city situated four hours southwest of Quito. After a few years of getting to know the Anabaptist theology, the group asked for closer accompaniment and leadership training with the purpose of becoming a congregation. Even though from Catholic backgrounds, the families identified strogly with the Anabaptist theology. For this reason, Don and Jan Rheinheimer, short term missionaries, under the umbrella of the Ecuador Partnership. During this year, the group, now led by the Rheinheimers, gathered during the week to study the Bible, and then began to gather on Sundays.

Today, the Riobamba Mennonite Church is made up of about 30 people, many of them professionals and with children. Beatriz and Daniel Escobar are serving now as associate co-pastors of the new congregation. The church has also formed a council, including a coordinator and a treasurer.


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