Level Calibration

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While many electronic machines are before delivery adjusted, due to different gravity in various area of the globe, a from-period-to- calibration will keep your size always correct.

Inside the rank of OFF, maintain equally key that is TARE and METHOD key and press ON button and launch all buttons when the screen displays “ rdquo & CAL;. Hereinafter the display may exhibit an adverse figure, which will be its internal rule. Wait before interior code remains on a particular amount, press the MODE option as well as the monitor shows ZERO& rdquo rule that is central. Place weight that is common on the system. (Please check with the next standard fat for the type)

Regular Calibration Weight:

Design DW-150BX

150 gram Category 4 or more

Type DW-250BX

250 gram School 4 and up

Model DW-350BX

350 gram Category 4 or more

Type DW-500BX

500 g Type 4 and up

Delay until the code that is internal stays on the amount that is selected, push the key that is FUNCTION, the screen reveals fat of the conventional weight subsequently exhibits & ldquo; PASS after which fat of the conventional weight again. Press ON/OFF switch to modify the dimensions off. Calibration is concluded.

Calibration is necessary periodically for most electronic scales, electronic food scales.

Please verify accessibility to dumbbells with the retailer you bought the electronic size from.