MWC Shared Convictions (2006)

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Shared Convictions (Mennonite World Conference, 2006)

By the grace of God, we seek to live and proclaim the good news of reconciliation in Jesus Christ. As part of the one body of Christ at all times and places, we hold the following to be central to our belief and practice:

    1. God is known to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Creator who seeks to restore fallen humanity by calling a people to be faithful in fellowship, worship, service and witness.
    2. Jesus is the Son of God. Through his life and teachings, his cross and resurrection, he showed us how to be faithful disciples, redeemed the world, and offers eternal life.
    3. As a church, we are a community of those whom God's Spirit calls to turn from sin, acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, receive baptism upon confession of faith, and follow Christ in life.
    4. As a faith community, we accept the Bible as our authority for faith and life, interpreting it together under Holy Spirit guidance, in the light of Jesus Christ to discern God's will for our obedience.
    5. The Spirit of Jesus empowers us to trust God in all areas of life so we become peacemakers who renounce violence, love our enemies, seek justice, and share our possessions with those in need.
    6. We gather regularly to worship, to celebrate the Lord's Supper, and to hear the Word of God in a spirit of mutual accountability.
    7. As a world-wide community of faith and life we transcend bound­aries of nationality, race, class, gender and language. We seek to live in the world without conforming to the powers of evil, witnessing to God's grace by serving others, caring for creation, and inviting all people to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

In these convictions we draw inspiration from Anabaptist forebears of the 16th century, who modeled radical discipleship to Jesus Christ. We seek to walk in his name by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we confi­dently await Christ's return and the final fulfillment of God's king­dom.

Adopted by Mennonite World Conference General Council Pasadena, California, USA

15 March 2006


In a historic action, MWC's General Council approved a statement of shared convic­tions to give members around the world a clearer picture of beliefs Anabaptists hold in common.

This is the first statement of beliefs adopted by leaders of the global Anabaptist community.

The statement is not meant to replace conferences' official confessions of faith. Nancy Heisey, Mennonite World Conference Presdient in 2006 said "groups are free to use it for theological conversations." It can also be used by those who do not have a formal confession. It is also intended to help define Anabaptism to others.

The discussion of shared convictions started in 1997 in Mennonite World Conference's Faith and Life Council. After collecting faith statements from mem­ber churches, the council brought a first draft to the 2003 MWC assembly in Zimbabwe. Revisions were made based on responses from member churches over the next three years, leading to adoption at Pasadena, California.

PDF Version

Shared Convictions (PDF, English)