Manoah Mennoniten Gemeinde, Loma Plata, Kol. Menno, Paraguay

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Church Name: Manoah Mennoniten Gemeinde
Church Location (city, state, country, etc.): Loma Plata, Kol. Menno, Paraguay
Contact Name: Ursula Rempel de Giesbrecht


The Manoah Mennoniten Gemeinde was established in 2012 in Loma Plata, Col. Menno, Paraguay, South America.

The main reason to build this new church was that the other churches in Loma Plata were lacking space for all the members and their families. Church growth is mostly due to transfer of members since it is located in a fast growing town with a lot of commercial and industrial innovation.

On Sunday, January 19, a children's story was told, a men’s choir sang some special songs, and also led the congregational singing. The theme and text for the sermon can be found in the bulletin.

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