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= Ecumenical Dialogue Between Mennonites and other Christian Faith Traditions =
==Past Dialogue and Reconciliation==
==Past Dialogue and Reconciliation==
==Ongoing Dialogue==
==Ongoing Dialogue==

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Brief summary.

For more information about the history of the Martyrs Mirror, see http://www.gameo.org/encyclopedia/encyclopedia/contents/M37858ME.html.

Martyrs Mirror Text



Making the Martyrs Mirror


Primary Sources

Editions and Translations


People of the Martyrs Mirror



Interpreting the Martyrs Mirror

Guides to Reading

Retelling the Stories

Children's Stories


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Contemporary Responses

History, Criticism, and Perspectives

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Musical Responses

Bibliography Notes
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Ecumenical Dialogue between Mennonites and other Christian Faith Traditions

Picture4.pngMennonite World Conference President Bishop Danisa Ndlovu and LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Ishmael Noko embrace following Dr Noko's message to the 2009 MWC World Assembly concerning Lutheran regret for persecution of Anabaptists. © Lowell Brown [1]

Past Dialogue and Reconciliation

Ongoing Dialogue

Bibliography of Ecumenism

Past Dialogue and Reconciliation

Bibliography of Ecumenism Notes
Something, Something. DVD
Words Words Libretto printed as program for presentation at Goshen College, 1971 October 31
Insert bibliographic citation here. Includes Martyrs Mirror oratorio
See also Stuttgart Apology, Tri-Lateral Dialogue on Baptism
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