Miriwi Mennonite Church, Kenya

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Photos & Videos from-

Church Name: Miriwi Mennonite Church
Church Location (city, state, country, etc.): Migori County Kenya, Lakesite Diocese, Miriwi Region in Nyatike Sub-County
Contact Name: Rev. Zedekia Arwa Olunga


Pictures outside of our worship place or center: A congregation that stays together worships together. Miriwi Mennonite church gathers together after worship and appreciates their effort of bringing up this sanctuary and gives special thanks to God for bringing them to this far.

Pictures from the inside of our worshiping hall: The first picture shows members standing and singing using our song book "Tenzi za Rohoni." The second shows part of the congregation listening to the word of God, and the third shows some of the choir members presenting an item in the church. The fourth is our worship order sheet, the fifth shows members of the church singing traditional songs while clapping their hands, and the last one shows young children joining together with other church members in worship.

See photos in detail here:

Miriwi Mennonite.png

See videos in detail here:

Miriwi Mennonite YT.png