Mpingo Wa Abale Mwa Kristu, Malawi

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Mpingo Wa Abale Mwa Kristu






Ephraim Bainet Disi


In 1983, a group led by Pastor Sani Selemani Chibwana held regular prayer meetings in Ndirande Township, Blantyre. Selemani Chibwana obtained the address of the BIC church in Zimbabwe and wrote them a letter inviting leaders in Zimbabwe to “come over and help us.” The next year Reverends Philemon M. Khumalo and Bhekithemba Dube and their spouses visited the community in Malawi for the first time. By 1986 the church was registered with the state and counted nearly 500 members. BIC Zimbabwe continued to send teams to Malawi for short visits, provide teaching on doctrine and church policies, and perform baptisms. The first Malawian ordained for ministry was Ephraim Disi, who also became the denomination’s first president. By the late 1990s, the church had divided itself into eight regions and begun missionary outreach to Mozambique. Evangelism has been a focus throughout its history, and members travel on foot or by bicycle to preach and evangelize. The church has also focused on responding to the challenges of poverty and HIV/AIDS in its congregations and in the broader society.

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Interview with Bishop Ephraim Disi: