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Old Order Mennonites are conservative groups who separated from the (Old) Mennonite Church in Canada and the United States, when the latter began implementing the 19th century Protestant methodologies of evangelistic and prayer services, Sunday schools, and new worship practices. Originating in Indiana in 1872, Old Order groups maintain more traditional Anabaptist worship and church practices, and have communal church guidelines for lifestyle choices, like dress, vehicles, technology use, etc. [1]

Since their inception, Old Order Mennonites have developed into three distinct sub-groups: Traditional, Moderate, and Progressive. Common distinctives among all three groups include belief in the Dordrecht Confession of Faith (Mennonite, 1632), usage of the King James Version of the Bible, general separation from secular North American culture, a strong emphasis on community, and belief in Anabaptism as a third way, between Protestantism and Catholicism, as reflected in the Martyrs Mirror.[2]

Old Order Mennonites around the World

Click on the country links below to learn about specific Old Order Mennonite groups throughout the world, or read the history section below to learn more about general Old Order Mennonite history.

Old Order Mennonite Groups in Ontario
Wellesley Orthodox Mennonites in Ontario
Huron Orthodox Mennonites in Ontario
Orthodox Mennonites in the United States
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Indiana
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Kentucky
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Missouri
Old Order Mennonite Groups in New York
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Ohio
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Pennsylvania
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Tennessee
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Virginia
Old Order Mennonite Groups in Wisconsin

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