River East Church, Winnepeg, MB, Canada

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Photos & Videos from-

Church Name: River East Church
Church Location (city, state, country, etc.): Winnepeg, MB, Canada
Contact Name: Anne Magdalena Hansen


In the video with the filename “all interviews” are all interviews cut together. In case you need the single interviews, too, they are all uploaded.

In the folder with the pictures is one picture which shows two people tying a comforter. They are mother and daughter working on the comforter during Education Hour. In connection with the Great Winter Warm-up the children from River East Church learnt how to tie comforters and helped to finish three on Jan 12 and Jan 19. The picture is from Jan 19.

See photos in detail here:

River East.png

See videos in detail here:

River East YT 1.png
River East YT 2.png