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Anabaptist-Related Groups

Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan

Annotated Bibliography

Lu, Andrew K. C., and Fellowship of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan. 1975. The Twentieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan : ... March 12, 1975. Taichung, Taiwan: Fellowship of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan.

This source is a history compiled at the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan. It contains a short history of each congregation and a large number of pictures from the church in Taiwan. This source provides a more extensive information on the early history of this group and is valuable for that reason.

Mennonite Christian Hospital. 2008. Serving the Lord - the 60th Anniversary Volumes 1-3. Hualine, Taiwan.

This is a three volume history of the Mennonite Christian Hospital which was founded by the MCC doctors who made it possible for Mennonite missions to come to Taiwan. This source tells the story of the MCH through various first hand accounts that are presented both in Mandarin and English. This source provides some information on the relationship between the church and the hospital.

Ramseyer, Alice R. 1974. Mennonite Churches in Asia. Newton, Kan.: Faith and Life Press.

This source is a missions manual that provides methods for evangelizing people of various cultures in the far and southeast asian areas. This source touches on the religious cultural context of Taiwan. It may provide important information about how missions were done in Taiwan.

Sawatsky, Sheldon. 2014. Profile of the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan.

This source is a brief picture of what the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan is like today and how it got to this point. It gives a brief recent history and highlights a few struggles and challenges.

Sawatsky, Sheldon. 2014. Taiwan Mennonite Church Celebrates 60 Years.

This source summarizes the events of the 60th anniversary celebration that the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan held in October of 2014. The article describes what happened during the two day celebration. It provides information about what the church is like now. A shortened version of this article was published by Mennonite World Conference.

Sawatsky, Sheldon. From Mission to Church in Taiwan: The Mennonite Experience. Received November 26, 2016.

This source is a writing I received from Sheldon Sawatsky. The structure most closely resembles a journal article. This source analyzes factors that influenced the Fellowship of Mennonite Churches in Taiwan’s transition from a missionary effort into a self governing church. The factors examined are both factors brought by missionaries and factors already present in the socio-cultural framework of Taiwan.

Sawatzky, Sheldon Victor. 1970. The Gateway of Promise : A Study of the Taiwan Mennonite Church and the Factors Affecting Its Growth. (Master’s Thesis, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1970).

This dissertation was written on the 15th anniversary of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan. It places the Taiwanese Mennonite story in the context of the broader Anabaptist historical story. It analyzes important elements of Church growth and indigenization, providing reasoning for why various methods were effective or ineffective. It then gives suggestions for more effective missions.

Wiebe, Willard. 1964. The Mennonite Church in Taiwan. Newton, Kan.: Faith and Life Press.

This source is a brief history of the first ten years of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan. It goes over the establishment of MCC efforts to improve medical care for the people of Taiwan and the later arrival and establishment of churches by missionaries. This source provides valuable and important information about the early origins of the Mennonite Church in Taiwan.

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