The Jesus Tribe: Grace Stories from Congo's Mennonites 1912-2012 (A Project of Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission)

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Letter, Numbers, and Jesu

A Mennonite evangelist tied to a corpse

A small man of giant wisdom

A well-ordered pastor

Daniel Khumbi, Christian nurse

David Masheke, Lele evangelist and teacher

Death on an evangelism mission

Do Jesus people live in this village

Elie Kahanga, bachelor pastor

Frank Enns and Pierre Mazemba, partners in faith

Gladys Fox, unlikely donor

He sold corn at ten cents a bushel to raise boat fare

I just did what Jesus said

Joseph Kibuza, chaplain

Joseph the Ringer

Let’s see if Archie is available

Mama Ruth, mother of orphans

Moise Musenvu, international evangelist

One of the fi rst Christians at Mukedi

Papa Daniel, a nurse in service to all

Paul Djoko, Christian elder and chief

Please send us that lady with the book

Rebecca, Jacob, and a son named Samuel

The price was too high

Two leaders in Wongo territory

Christians Caught in Violence

File:A Mennonite rebel.pdf
File:A year of schooling in the forest.pdf
File:An open Bible at rebel headquarters.pdf
File:Caught on the wrong side.pdf
File:I’m a member of the Jesus tribe.pdf
File:Khongolo and Malula, inseperable friends.pdf
File:Pierre Mulele’s Jeunesse rebellion.pdf
File:Praise the Lord! We've crossed our Jordan.pdf
File:That’s all you can do to me.pdf
File:We baptize you in the name of Pierre Mulele.pdf

A Church Grows from the Ashes

File:A good and faithful steward.pdf
File:A new young church in Kinshasa.pdf
File:A one-egg Sunday dinner.pdf
File:A persistent preacher.pdf
File:A pioneer in West Kasai.pdf
File:A prophet among his own people.pdf
File:An excellent teaching pastor.pdf
File:An heir to the missionaries.pdf
File:Civil servant, church planter.pdf
File:David Ngongo, From houseboy to great leader.pdf
File:Do what you know you should do.pdf
File:Feeding the refugees of South Kasai.pdf
File:From Catholic altar boy to Mennonite leader.pdf
File:I’ve been invited to a banquet on Thursday.pdf
File:Léon Kibende plants a church in Kikwit.pdf
File:Mama Tina.pdf
File:Mathieu Kazadi and the new Evangelical Mennonite Church.pdf
File:No place to hang on up there.pdf
File:No receipt, No money.pdf
File:Papa and Mama of the Kikwit II church district.pdf
File:The impact of a quiet man.pdf
File:The unsinkable Schwartzes.pdf
File:Uniting the Mennonite communities.pdf

Anabaptist Testimonies

File:A great pastor who turned the other cheek.pdf
File:A living example of repentance.pdf
File:A messenger of ecumenism.pdf
File:A rich man in the Lord’s service.pdf
File:A servant of God fi nds her gifts.pdf
File:A singer-songwriter's debt of gratitude.pdf
File:A virtuous woman.pdf
File:A wide-awake woman.pdf
File:All I have to give is a daughter.pdf
File:All the arrows of the devil.pdf
File:An explosive evangelist.pdf
File:Annie Mbuyi’s quest for peace.pdf
File:Athanase Musende's last pastoral visit.pdf
File:Benjamin Mubenga's quest for peace and development.pdf
File:Bisonsa Bimpe, sorcerer's daughter.pdf
File:Citizen of the heavenly kingdom.pdf
File:Dénis Muamba’s gift for sharing.pdf
File:Felled by Ebola.pdf
File:I’ll spend the night in front of the door.pdf
File:My heart made me do it.pdf
File:Pillar of an unstable church.pdf
File:Saved from suicide by a vision.pdf
File:She saw CEM in a vision.pdf
File:Simon Tshiombe, teacher turned chief.pdf
File:Sports, music, and prayer.pdf
File:The desire to belong to one body.pdf
File:Together, pushing Mennonite boundaries.pdf
File:Trust in the Lord and tell the truth.pdf
File:Two children and a wedding.pdf
File:We need Mama Treasurer more than the money.pdf
File:What if God visited my church and didn't find me.pdf


File:Editors’ preface.pdf