Progressive Old Order Mennonite Groups

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As the name suggests, Progressive Old Order Mennonite Groups are a mix of tradition and today. Not content to live in the past, yet having a deep respect for it, Progressive Old Orders maintain Old Order beliefs while updating some of the practices for the present generation in North America, including using English in worship.

Like all Old Order groups, progressives adhere to the Dordrecht Confession of Faith (Mennonite, 1632), use the King James Version of the Bible, and revere the Martyrs Mirror. At the same time, the progressives utilize the technologies of today, especially for business purposes.

Variations within or between progressive Old Order groups include limitations on computer, cellphone, and internet use, limitations on automobiles, and the style of dress. Also, most apply limits to formal education. Progressive Old Orders, as expected then, utilize new technologies and methodologies conservatively.

The following is a list of Progressive Old Order Mennonite Groups in North America:

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