Traditional Old Order Mennonite Groups

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Traditional Old Order Mennonite groups are the most conservative of Old Order Mennonites. Usually divisions from more moderate Old Order groups, they have sought to maintain the "old ways". The traditionalists do not use electricity, telephones, or computers, and use horses instead of tractors on their farms, along with horses and buggies for transportation. They tend to live in rural areas quite separate from secular urban society, and their style of dress and homes are very plain. As such, being the "visible church" is very important to them, and they more than not strictly adhere to the practice of the ban. Traditional Old Order children dress in plain clothes like their parents, and usually attend private church run schools to grade 8.

In common with other Old Order groups, the traditionalists adhere to the Dordrecht Confession of Faith (Mennonite, 1632), use the King James Version of the Bible, and revere the Martyrs Mirror.

The following is a list of Traditional Old Order Mennonite groups in North America:

Orthodox Mennonite Church, Wellesley Township , Ontario, Canada
Orthodox Mennonite Church, Huron County, Ontario, Canada and Kentucky, USA
Old Order Mennonite Church (Hoover)
Reidenbach Mennonite Church
Stauffer Mennonite Church

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