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From: [[Records of Ministry Ordinations of the Orthodox Mennonites]] (Edited, 2022)
From: [[Records of Ministry Ordinations of the Orthodox Mennonites]] (Edited, 2022)

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From: Records of Ministry Ordinations of the Orthodox Mennonites (Edited, 2022)

Early origins and roots of the Orthodox Mennonite Church of Huron County, Ontario come mostly from the David W. Martin Church (now Independent Old Order Mennonite Church) and O.O.M. (Old Order Mennonite) Church in Waterloo Region, Ontario. Also, a few families of Platt Deutsch origin, meaning from Belize or Mexico earlier (1920-1940s from Western Canada, Russia 1870s-1920s), and also a few from the English car world.

In the mid-1950s Minister Elam S. Martin and Deacon Samuel H. Horst and their wives either withdrew or were expelled, plus approximately 12 other families and 15 single members from the David W. Martin Church. Elam S. Martin, originally lived in Wellesley Township, Waterloo region, Ontario, and laid its foundation there and adapted the name "Orthodox Mennonites of Wellesley Township", and later on of Huron County, Ontario ("Gorrie Mennonites").

The first church service held in the 13th Line Wellesley Orthodox Mennonite Church (Waterloo Region) was June 24, 1962. Following is information of the beginnings of the 7 communities in Canada and the USA by 2017 (of the "Gorries"):

1. Howick and Turnberry Twp. Huron Co. ON Canada ("Gorrie" Community)

Settlement started Apr. 3, 1979. First church service a few weeks later. North Howick Church house situated on 44189 Glenannon Rd. opened on June 13, 1986. Wroxeter Church house situated on 42680 Orange Hill Rd. opened on June 25, 1995. First church service held in Triple Hills School situated on 90848 Jeffray Line on Aug. 9, 2015. Triple Hills Church situated on 90848 Jeffray Line opened on Jan. 1, 2018.

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"Records of Ministry Organizations of the Orthodox Mennonites, On Canada, Snyder Co. PA, Trigg Co. and Christian Co. KY, USA, mid 1950's to 2022"; Compiled by Ervin W. Martin, 43067 Howick-Turnberry Rd. RR#1, Wroxeter ON Canada N0G 2X0